T H E   A R A C H N I D S

The arachnids are an incredibly diverse and important group of invertebrates, which unfortunately are often underappreciated. Without them, we would be overrun with pesky mosquitos and important plants would be decimated by herbivorous insects. 

In Britain, the main groups of arachnids are spiders, harvestmen, mites, ticks and pseudoscorpions!

A popular misconception is that we have dangerous species here. Not a single British arachnid should be cause for concern. In fact, out of around 650 British spider species, only around 12 can penetrate our skin. 


Though most British spider species use venom, it does not affect humans in any serious way in the majority of cases. As far as I know, there are no cases of allergic reactions to British spider bites, unlike bees or wasps.

Appreciating these animals for some is an acquired taste - though I guarantee that once you start to understand them, fear and discomfort can easily turn into fascination and eventually appreciation!